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Morocco's history remains one of the richest in the world thanks to the succession of power between its dynasties. From the Phoenicians to the Cherifians, throughout the Romans, the Almoravids, the Almohads and the Andalusians, Morocco has managed to preserve this rich heritage through its Amazigh-Arab-European variation.

Rabat, the administrative capital of Morocco :

Rabat, the administrative and modern capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, has been able to find the way towards a sustainable development that remains very apparent worldwidly. The capital gives new perspectives thanks to the quality of infrastructures that are noticable all around it, combining by the same occasion a remarkable economic potential and abundant natural resources : sea, forest, river...
Rabat is the result of an intercultural dialogue between the Arab-Muslim past and Western modernisation.
Culturally and historically, Rabat-Salé has a unique heritage, reflecting its diversity that have shaped the two bords of the Bouregreg River over the past centuries.
With all of its monuments and considerable heritage wealth, Rabat was included in UNESCO's list of world heritage sites in 2012.
Rabat is separated from its neighbouring city, Salé, by the Bouregreg river, and the two cities form a single agglomeration. Given its importance, many Moroccans take advantage of the easy connections between Rabat and Casablanca. Whether by train or by car, the ride between the two cities takes about 50 to 70 minutes. In a city such as Rabat, which contains a population of nearly 600,000 people and whose roads can be narrow and suffer from traffic congestion, it seems difficult to get around. For this purpose, comes to your rescue in the whole Province of Rabat, which includes the prefectures of Rabat, Salé, Skhirate-Temara and Khémisset.

How to get a private driver in Rabat?

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