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Morocco is one of the countries that always attract more and more European tourists. Indeed, if you have trouble finding a destination able to offer you all the good feelings of wellness, keep in mind that Morocco will certainly be an ideal choice. Due to the geography, the friendly and welcoming population, and the fact that it is a very popular destination, Morocco is a great place to visit.

The city of Tangier was founded by the giant Antaeus, son of Poseidon and Gaia, and owes his name to Tingis (or Tinga), wife of the founder. Antaeus found his strength in the earth, Hercules suffocated him by keeping him in the air. The tomb of Antaeus is thought to be a hill near Tangier, the Charf. Since then, the city was called Tingis. Later, Phoenicians and Carthaginians moved there, creating a commercial counter and a flourishing colony. Under the reign of Emperor Justinian, Tangier escaped the Romans and was taken over by the Byzantine Empire. At the end of the seventh century, the Arabs seized it and launched their attack on Spain from there.

Tangier, in Arabic: Tanja Tangier is a city in the north of Morocco, known as the Moroccan capital of the Strait of Gibraltar and the main access road to the African continent. Tangier is a very large city with about 1,083,462 citizens, It' s composed of tourists, as well as Moroccans, Tangiers and farmers from the neighboring regions. which is currently undergoing a process of modernization in order to keep up with the current changes affecting the country, while optimizing the infrastructure and services for the population as well as for tourists. Tangier is also one of the oldest cities in North Africa. The climate in Tangier is typically Mediterranean, moderated by the oceanic influence: Autumn, winter and spring are usually mild, sometimes even fresh (it is about 18 degrees during the day and 7 degrees at night) and mostly very humid. During the inter-seasons, the weather is moderately humid. Summer is mostly hot (30 degrees during the day) in a very dry climate.

The city of Tangier represents the second economic center of Morocco after Casablanca. It has a very varied industrial activity that includes textile, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and naval industries. Currently, the city has four industrial zones, two of them with free zone status (the Tangier Free Zone and the Port Free Zone). The infrastructure of the city of Tangier is highly developed: a port managing the movement of merchandises and passengers (with more than one million passengers per year), including a marina and a fishing port. As an important seaside resort, the city of Tangier is endowed with multiple hotels and tourist’s infrastructures as well as a huge beach with more than 7 km, without forgetting the old medina, where the artisanal sector is growing (leather goods, wooden and silver articles, traditional clothes and shoes...).

The city is currently being transformed into a maritime business center with the opening of the port of Tangier Mediterranean (Tangier Med), which is intended to simplify maritime traffic. The city also includes the port of Tangier City, which is a tourist port located just in front of the Kasbah. The city of Tangier will soon inaugurate the largest university hospital (CHU) in North Africa. Indeed, the construction work is currently completed and almost finalized. This establishment will have a large capacity of 865 beds and could be officially inaugurated before the end of October.

The colonial district called Ensanche is an area that was built in the early twentieth century and includes modernist and art deco buildings. Tangier has various tourist sites worth discovering such as the ’’Café de Paris’’ located on the ‘’Place de France’’, a meeting place for many intellectual personalities, the ‘’Place de Faro’’, a perfect place where you can have your picture taken with the sea as a background, and especially the Avenue Pasteur which is a very active and animated commercial area. The city of Tangier attracts travelers. On its coasts, where the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas meet, you will discover an original city with many different influences.

The city of Tangier is a small metropolis in the northwestern region of Morocco that has succeeded in positioning itself as the second largest industrial city in the country due to the development of the automobile production center. The city also has a commercial and passenger port connected to the ports of Malaga and Algeciras in Spain. The people of this city are very welcoming, and the traveler will easily find his way through the small streets of the medina, coffee terraces, souks with a thousand and spicy smells ... Moreover, your Tangier tour guide will also show you the ‘’Dar el-Makhzen palace’’, which is now a museum dedicated to ancient Moroccan objects, as well as the Kasbah, which is located at the top of the city and dominates the rest of the city as a window to the world. Tangier is therefore the most beautiful dream destination in Morocco.

Tangier is an interesting mix of North Africa, of Spain and France, with a touch of magic and mystery, and of course the beautiful views, the lovely beaches and the very friendly people. Walking around is probably one of the best ways to discover downtown Tangier. In any case, the medina area is only accessible on foot. In addition to the medina, some of the most important places to visit in Tangier are the following:

- The long walk along the beach (avenue Mohamed VI).

- The Museum of Contemporary Art of the City of Tangier.

- The Kasbah Museum, which was the Sultan's oldest palace, is worth visiting not only for the collection of objects from the Phoenician era to the modern period, but also for the building and the garden.

- The museum of the American legation in the walled city.

- The souk, every Thursday and Sunday morning.

- The big market of Casa Barata.

In Tangier, you can experience true relaxation in many different ways. You can enjoy the sunshine on one of the beautiful beaches, then have a good meal in a local restaurant, or be swept away by the musical culture and all the other artistic disciplines that this city offers. There are many different kinds of entertainment, especially during the summer months, when the nights are reserved for different international festivals. You can also relax and let yourself be carried away by an exceptional wellness. All you have to do is to visit a Moroccan hammam, a beauty center or a spa and just not worry about anything else.


The advantage of this notion in Tangier, as throughout Morocco, is that it is part of the lifestyle. Therefore, the people who host you are able to satisfy your needs. You can also go for a boat trip as Tangier is a stopover for many tours from all over Europe and the world. Most of the restaurants on Avenue Mohamed V offer European as well as Moroccan cuisine, but for specifically Moroccan dishes, it is better to go to the medina. Another place to go is the square next to the bus station, where there are many cafes and restaurants. There are also some very good seafood restaurants near the port.

Tangier is the only city that offers the possibility to swim in both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean! The city of Tangier offers beautiful beaches located in the north of Morocco where it is so nice to watch a soccer match on the beach or simply to enjoy a glass of fruit juice on a café terrace with a panoramic view of the Strait of Gibraltar. Moreover, this city has many tourist attractions including the medina, the famous ‘’Dar Al Makhzén’’ and the Kasbah.


There are a number of places that cannot be missed during a trip, the Mnar Park in Tangier is one of these destinations. This aquatic park is considered to be one of the largest in Africa, with a go-kart track, toboggans, restaurants, cafes, gardens, swimming pools, deckchairs, a children's play area, a leisure and relaxation zone, etc. The activities are so varied that you can enjoy the day completely without ever getting bored.

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