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Casablanca, the White City as its name indicates, is the economic capital of Morocco and the country's third most popular tourist destination. Known to be a modern and a dynamic city, Casablanca is an important destination for business and leisure tourism with its golf courses, its traditional hammams, its piano bars, its cafés and its discotheques. The White City is one of the largest cities in the Maghreb with a population of nearly 4 000 000. Casablanca is a contrasting destination combining culture, relaxation, tradition and modernity.
In the midst of such a crowd, it is all natural to feel lost. Therefore, the assistance of a private driver or a tourist transport in Casablanca is a necessity.

The advantages of a tourist transport in Casablanca:

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. With the launch of the first port of the country in the city, its development has not stopped since the end of the 19th century.
Nowadays, a big city means noise, traffic jams, pollution and scams. To avoid bad experiences, tourist transport in Casablanca is increasingly structured and respects the international standards that tourists demand.
Tourist transport in Casablanca is an inseparable part of the development of tourism in the Kingdom's metropolis. Thus, various services are offered, but some are more convenient than others. Private tourist transport is the perfect solution for travelling or moving from one point to another quickly and safely in the large city. The service offers comfort, economy, freedom and independence.
The tourist transport in Casablanca will also allow you to easily visit certain tourist sites to which the basic transport methods do not have access.
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Thanks to the easy handling of the website, you can book your tourist transport in Casablanca in 2 clicks. Choose between our two formulas: the transfer from one point to another or the provision of our services for the entire duration desired. Then choose a vehicle from our 4 categories: The BERLINE (GOLD or SILVER) or the MINI VAN (GOLD or SILVER), then enter the location and date of departure and arrival. In order to make our services available at your fingertips, we have designed the application VotreChauffeur, available on the Play-Store and the App-Store. For more information, you can contact us on the following telephone numbers: 0522 984 000 and 0802 001 717, available 24/7, or write to us at .
Transportation in a city of which one is foreign, like Casablanca, the great metropolis, is a necessity more than a luxury in order to facilitate your journey and to embellish and secure your stay. offers you a tourist transport in Casablanca in 2 clicks and without paying exorbitant prices.