En vue de simplifier l’utilisation de nos services à nos clients, nous avons mis en place un guide avec toutes les informations nécessaires pour comprendre les services proposés par

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Book a private driver in Morocco is now possible. is the solution your daily transport needs, intercity travels, airport shuttles, city visits, work commuting...
The service has been designed to be quick and simple. You can book your driver at any time for an immediate or in advance ride. You can book:
- On our website
- On our mobile app (Android and iOS)
- Through our 24/7/365 call center
Once the booking is confirmed , the closest car to your departure point will come pick you up. Easy, convenient, confortable and affordable.
Travel with style in our cars: is a service that allows you to travel accross Morocco in style and comfort: you will be offered a bottle of water, magazines, phone chargers…. The wifi is available in everyone of our cars. Password ? « enjoyyourtrip ».

user-image - How do you supervise the quality of your trips ?
After every trip, the app of asks its users to give a rating to the driver. This allows the team to keep a really high level of service
user-image - what are your prices ?
Our prices are fixed and know in advance. There is no seasonality. Prices depend only on the type of car. You can find out about our prices either by downloading our app or call our 24/7/365 callcenter.
You can chose to calculate the price of your fare either per Kms or per minutes spent with the driver. The prices remain the same during days and nights
user-image - Is it possible to chose the driver ?
Yes, the app allows you to chose your driver based on his ratings. You can see the list of available drivers and chose the one you want. The info displayed is: Picture, Name, rating, type of car, localization, waiting time…
user-image - What is the difference between an immediate booking and a planned booking.
An immediate booking has to be in the frame of the coming 30 minutes, otherwise it becomes a planned booking
user-image - How many luggage can I take with me ?
It depends on the kind of car your book. Luggage are free of charge.
user-image - What are the services proposed in the cars ?
Every trip entitles you to get free bottle of waters, magazines and wifi
user-image - How do I pay my trip ?
You can either pay with your credit card on the app/website or within the car. Every driver accepts all kind of cards. Otherwise you can also pay the driver with cash
user-image - Can I cancel my booking ?
Yes of course, you can cancel your booking anytime with no hidden fees.
user-image - Is it secure to use my card on
Yes, uses the sevices of The Centre Monétique interbancaire that offers the highest security level.
user-image - What about my personnal data ? is strictly complying with th 2018 reform of EU data protection rules
user-image - Can I book my trip outside Casablanca
Yes our fleet goes nationwide
user-image - What is the difference between a single fare and a mise a dispositon
A simple fare goes from point A to point B. The price of the trip is calculated using the distance between your departure point and your arrival point. A mise a disposition allows you to book your driver for a certain period of time. You will be then charged per hour. With both trips, you will know the price of your fare in advance.
user-image - What is the difference between and a simple Taxi
We are the leading VTC compagnie in Morocco. Our fleet is based in Casablanca and Rabat and can go nationwide. We offer a really high service quality and you can book your car using either the mobile app, our website, whatsapp or call our call center
user-image - How to book a driver on app and website ?
Book on the website is really easy :
- Chose your departure point
- Check the price of your trip
- Book your travel
The waiting time is displayed and you can see the driver coming to your starting point.
Book on the mobile app is even faster :
Once you have downloaded your mobile app VotreChauffeur Maroc on your iPhone or Android :
1. Connect to your account
2. Chose the type of reservation that meets your needs
3. Confirm your reservation.
A waiting time is displayed, you will know how long it will take to the driver to come pick you up .
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