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Rabat is the political and administrative capital of Morocco and the country's second largest city. Located on the Atlantic coast, Rabat is an imperial city, rich in historical monuments and heritage sites. Rabat was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2012.
Reflecting the intercultural nature of the Kingdom of Morocco, Rabat alternates between the traditional and the modern, the authentic oriental and the western comfort. True to this aspect, tourist transport in Rabat borrows this typical side of a modern city rich by its Arab-Muslim past.

Why book a tourist transport in Rabat?

Far from being just a travel tool or a luxury service reserved only for a wealthy clientele, tourist transport in Rabat nowadays is an obligation for every tourist in order to explore the different facets of the capital in peace.
Tourist transport in Rabat offers safety and comfort to customers. It is the perfect solution to enjoy your time without worrying about road maps, forbidden routes, highway tolls or filling fuel. Moreover, tourist transport in Rabat remains an economical solution for a group of tourists visiting the city.
Tourist transport in Rabat generates less stress and fatigue. It is ideal to start your sunny holiday. The free time during the trip can be used to enjoy the postcard-worthy images, to rest, but also to work or to just have fun.
And all this with the insurance of a fast and safe journey!
From an ecological point of view, tourist transport in Rabat remains a mass transport (up to 7 passengers depending on the vehicle chosen). Consequently, the impact on the environment is less harmful than another tourist transport!
The most renowned website for tourist transport in Rabat is VotreChauffeur.ma.
The choice of vehicle will depend on the number of passengers and the length of the journey: the longer the journey, the more important it is to choose a comfortable vehicle!

The advantages of tourist transport in Rabat with VotreChauffeur.ma

VotreChauffeur.ma is the first Moroccan website for booking luxury vehicles with private drivers in Rabat. From a simple trip to a provision of a car, VotreChauffeur.ma guarantees honesty, comfort and independence by offering 4 categories of vehicles: the BERLINE (GOLD or SILVER) and the MINI VAN (GOLD or SILVER). Tourist transport in Rabat with VotreChauffeur.ma offers more luxurious dimensions as all our vehicles are all well-equipped: magazines and newspapers, WIFI connection and bottles of water.

VotreChauffeur.ma also offers you the possibility to cancel your trip for free up to 1 hour before the chosen time.
VotreChauffeur.ma offers you different payment methods: online payment by credit card, or during the journey by TPE or cash, as well as by one of our flagship features: the E-Pocket which can be reloaded according to the desired amount.

How do I book a tourist transport in Rabat on VotreChauffeur.ma platform?

After registering or identifying yourself on the VotreChauffeur.ma website, the first step is to choose the type of your journey: a simple transfer from one point to another or the provision of a vehicle with a private driver. You will choose, according to the number of passengers, the desired vehicle among our 4 available categories, the place of departure and arrival and the date of your ride. You can then check the price of your reservation.
The second step consists in validating the price, inserting the names of all the passengers, registering the luggage and choosing the method of payment that suits you, according to the ones mentioned above. You can consult your reservations by scrolling down the menu and clicking on "My Reservations".
After completing your journey, our team will send you an email with all the details of your booking.
In order to make our services available to you wherever you are, the VotreChauffeur.ma team offers you its new mobile application "VotreChauffeur" available IOS and Android phones, in order to book your tourist transport in Rabat in just 2 clicks.
For any additional information or inquiries, you can call us at the following numbers: 0522 98 4000 from Morocco or 00 33 1 84 25 33 82 from abroad, valid 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Or write us at reservation@votrechauffeur.ma.
Why choose between speed and comfort when VotreChauffeur.ma combine both, by promising you punctuality and security. Don't wait any longer and book your tourist transport in Rabat with us!